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Individual Vision insurance

AIS deliver comprehensive and affordable life insurance plans to individuals and their families.  We sell first class plans from reliable healthcare provider networks, allowing you to purchase an individual insurance plan at group rates.

Open your eyes

Unfortunately, blindness and other types of vision impairment are a common disability in the United States. Many factors, including age and health, can have an impact on a person’s vision. Regular visits to an optometrist are crucial to maintaining healthy vision. Vision insurance should be a part of every individual healthcare plan.

With Individual Vision Insurance through AIS, you can receive great discounts on:

  • Eye exams
  • New Glasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Lasik eye surgery
  • Replacement frames and lenses

Low premiums – great benefits!

The most surprising thing about vision insurance is the price. Vision insurance is the among the most inexpensive types of health insurance on the market. It’s an important component of any comprehensive health insurance plan. The services and benefits you receive from an individual vision insurance plan are incredible compared to the low premium payments you make.
Call AIS for a free consultation on how you can get the best individual vision coverage. We have several different plans to choose from. We’ll open your eyes to how easy it is to get affordable vision insurance for you and your family.

Affordable vision insurance from AIS

Let us open your eyes to how an affordable vision insurance plan from AIS can help you and your employees maintain the healthiest vision possible. Vision insurance plans make a great supplement to any employer healthcare benefits package. The monthly premiums are so low that almost every employee can afford coverage.

See the benefits while keeping an eye on costs

Contact us for a free consultation. Our helpful, experienced agents present will enable you to get the vision insurance plan that provides the best benefits to you and your employees. With an affordable vision insurance program from AIS, your employees will see the benefits while you keep an eye on costs.